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This is a poem
About a girl who was an average student
She watched a dream and her entire life changed
Inform me if there are any mistakes

My dream

I was an average student

I hated all kind of languages

I disliked every books' page

And thought that study put a man in cage

One day I was standing near a beach

I saw some people returning from a voyage

Their goods were damaged

And there was dust on their luggage

They all were looking overage

The men were holding a rusted bird'scage

One of them was holding a gold cabbage

This man looked very strange

Because this man was from my brother's collage

He was looking the only one young in age

He rushed towards me

And very politely asked my name

I said that my name is Jane

He told me that he is called Zayn

I asked him that why the others are looking hideous

He said that they never worked hard

They never wished to land on the study yard

And now they don't have a success sword

They are hardly making both ends meet

And mostly don't have anything to eat

Where as I am a successful man

I always do whatever I can

I tried my best

And study never made me ran

Zayn told me to always work hard

So that I may not be able to travel in train

But to fly in my personal plane

And I was encouraged by him

Then I heard a sound saying "please Jane"

My sparkling eyes opened there and then

Cain told me all I saw was just a dream

It was all a strange but unforgettable dream

It gives me courage

And I came out of my cage

And thought that study gives woman a noble grace

This all changed my life

And my family was proud of me

I started to shout and scream

Because of my success

This was all because of my marvelous dream

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