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This poem is about a girl who went to a fairground and destroy everything only because of her candy which was under the car


Let me tell you a story once,

When some people did a very good performance

There was a beautiful fountain,

And a glorious painting of mountain.

A model of an old train

Which I watched again and again,

There I saw a bumblebee

Which was parked under a tree;

Some people were having a cup of tea

At that time hit my knee,

When accidentally broke that ravishing piece;

Suddenly asked the manager's niece

I ran away as I had no choice,

And said her sorry in a shivering voice.

Then I fell down on the attractive furniture

The people inquired who's this creature;

They looked angrily at a broken picture

I stood up in a moody way

This was my unlucky day.

I destroyed the things they display,

I was a rubbish for them any way;

Everything was safe and sound

Until I entered this fairground.

I get into the hot water

With the manager's beloved daughter,

She kicked me out

And then furiously shout;

How badly you have ruined the function

You are the only cause of this destruction.

I went away, but sadly

Under the car there was my candy

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