A Cemetery By The Sea
A Cemetery By The Sea fiction stories

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The warmth of a salt-sea breeze fell into my eyes as I stared. Frozen.

A Cemetery By The Sea

The warmth of a salt-sea breeze fell into my eyes as I stared. Frozen.

I watched as shadows stumbled out of the deep-blue depths, awakened from universal slumber; staggering into the cream-blue light which guided their path to existence.

In little more than a blink, their motions reformed from clumsy to calculated; quadrupedal to bipedal.

I slowed my thoughts and honed attention to these wonderful creatures of creation; for in my travels nothing could animate the vista forth with such passionate evolution!

With flint-and-stone they sprung sparks to existence:

With wood they built;

and with spear-and-eye they fished.

I looked towards my companions afar, they presented me with a monument of stone. A wondrous devotion to their shadowless friend?

Well, neither living nor material thing had yet to bless my presence!

I gifted to them the power of dominion; from the sand-sweeping desert plains, to the bottomless-blue Oceans and wondrous-white mountain peaks (including all space between).

And so, they conquered, a God among The Species. They left their humble origins to construct:

Towers as tall as mountains, plains of mechanized farms and vast oceans of brick-and-mortar.

As countless waves, trapped in cyclic repetition, marched, these beings of majestic beauty forgot, me!

But did I not give to them everything?

A monument of stone collapsed to a ruin of pebbles, then, to dust. I gave the keys to my Kingdom, to these creatures, who's faintful flesh I (unreservedly) loved so much!

Why curse me!? Why forsake me, like all other species in their presence? Did they not build to me a monument of stone?!

The beautiful eden crashed to polluted agony; choked of innocence. All water that remained was the faint tears of a loving (untitled) friend.

I could only watch into the glassy sky as bright-pink flames littered a canvas stained of thick grey smog.

Into the stars above they raced, to corrupt them, like a disease to helpless prey.

I am now alone. Trapped, in a cemetery to the sea.

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