Who is God? Where is God? What is God? -- AiR

                     Who is God? 
                     Where is God? 
                     What is God?

                                                  --  AiR lifepoems stories
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atmaninravi AiR Atman in Ravi, Spiritual Philosopher
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Discover the God you always thought you knew!

Who is God? Where is God? What is God? -- AiR

I searched for God in temples But nowhere was He found I looked into the skies and waters And everywhere on the ground To me, God was a statue I prayed to Him for years I was in love with my Lord And I used to pray with tears

I thought God lived in the temple It was Heaven in every way I used to talk to my Saviour, Morning, night, all day God gave me everything I wanted There was nothing more to need I used to be ashamed of myself When I looked upon my greed

I had everything I wanted But one thing I never found I was looking for the God I prayed to. Wanting to hear His sound One day it dawned upon me What is life’s real test? To find true purpose and meaning, I set out on a quest

I started studying the scriptures In religion for Him I found I went for many pilgrimages Just going round and round Who is God? Where is God? What is God? This quest did I start I had nothing else to desire There was only one thing in my heart

I decided that I will not stop My passion, I must find I was willing to give up everything There was only one thing in my mind What use was the wealth that I earned? What use was this pomp and show? I knew my life wasn’t forever I knew one day, I will go

I knew I was living in ignorance The truth I couldn’t see I was seeking happiness But in peace, I could not be! The world talks so much about God But little do we know God is such an amazing power This cosmos is His show

The Sun, the Moon, the Stars The Birds, the Animals, the Flowers They are just manifestations Of the one and only Power! We think our goal is happiness And pleasures do we seek So shallow is our passion We never reach the peak

We may get everything we desire We may achieve all we dream But if we can’t realize God Then our life is without a gleam! The purpose of life is to find God We must realize the truth We must realize what we are not Only then, we will get to the root

A few of us are lucky We start seeking God We give up everything else that we have Because we are in love with the Lord! All cannot find the Master It depends on His Grace A few of us are lucky To finally see His face

Not in temples, churches or mosques Neither in Scriptures, you tear apart Those who truly love Him Will find Him inside their heart God is Everything, Everywhere He manifests as You and Me He is the Cause and we just Effects Without Him, we cannot be

God defined is God denied We must believe that he lives He is beyond our comprehension But He is the One who gives This is a Cosmic Drama The Earth just a big stage We are all just actors We perform till we age

Then one day, the time will come We have to pack and go When Death will take over life It’s the end of the show Who, Where, What is God? Don’t question, just have faith Try to realize the Truth Then you will reach the gate!

When you find what you are not And the truth stares at your face Then in your own heart, you will find The Heavenly Master’s grace -- AIR

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