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A contemplation of time and life


Flowers bloom. An explosion of green. A lovely scent flows into the air. An exciting moment is in play. Full of action. Full of potential. Full of passion. Full of hope. Full of life.

We now reach the height, the peak. Nature thrives. The food is plenty. Warmth soars through the continent. Animals hunt, and forage among the trees. And when black replaces blue, they rest, with bellies full.

The vibrant green color, slowly fades into a deep brown. Flowers crumble. Leaves fall. Plants wither. Heavy droplets pour down, from the sky. Residents of the woods anticipate, and prepare for colder times ahead.

All colors have been desaturated, into white and black. The winds howl, and carry pale flakes, within its unforgivingly harsh embrace. Beneath the thick, freezing blanket, lie dormant creatures, deep into slumber. The darkness of night consumes the light.

Spring turns into summer, summer into fall, fall into winter, winter back into spring. The four seasons have repeated, since the beginning of time.

As the wheel turns, inhabitants transform, in shape, and in nature. Civilizations rise and fall. Lands sail around the sea like leaves in a pond. The wheel of time turns and turns, and shall keep turning until the very end.

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