When I Sleep-Chapter 3
When I Sleep-Chapter 3 supernatural stories

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The journey continues....Our narrator is back. Something big is going to happen soon, so stay alert for the next chapter!( Some updates have been made in this chapter, be sure to check them out!)

When I Sleep-Chapter 3

It took me some time to realize where I was. The dream had felt so real, so true.... The phone continued ringing. I quickly jumped out of my bed, and went to the bag.

I opened it, and threw everything outside, except the antique, which I placed carefully beside me. I found the phone, and by the time I opened it, it had stopped ringing.

It read- 10 missed calls from Roma. I looked at the number for a few minutes. Then looked at the time. Then I decided to call the number.

After a few second, she picked up the phone. "Who is this? How do you have Jake's phone? " " Who are you?", I replied. "I am his wife. Listen to me. My husband is dead, and you have his phone. Why did you do it?"

"Hey! I didn't do anything! I just lived with him at a hostel in Iceland, that's it. He must have put his phone in my bag by mistake, he left very early in the night.", I replied. She cut the phone. I was really scared by now.

First the dreams, and now this. From what I could gather, the phone was a simple one, and as I had a lot of experience from movies, I definitely knew, that the call had got tracked. I quickly noted down the number and removed the sim card. I cut it into tiny pieces and threw the phone and the pieces into the fire.

Then took the remaining burnt stuff and threw it outside. I was panicking now. I didn't want the police to come after me for a crime I didn't do. I thought about it for some time, and then packed up my belongings quickly. I had to leave the hotel.

I checked out, and was out on the streets of London. It was 5 am now. I roamed around for a bit, but it was when I turned right on a particularly dark turn, that I got to know that I was being followed.

I quickened my pace. After sometime, I stopped. I didn't hear anyone now. I looked everywhere, no one was there. Even my shadow.

I didn't have a shadow! That scared the shit out of me. I started running. I didn't know where I was going, but I had to go somewhere. I saw a breakfast cafe open, and went inside quickly.

The owner gave me a weird look. And then I looked into the mirror besides him. I was sweating pretty hard, and panting like a dog. But that was alright. What wasn't, was that my eyes were black. Completely black.

I quickly went to the bathroom. I looked at myself again. Everything was normal. Except my eyes, they were still black. I wore my sunglasses. I went outside and ordered a coffee.

I took out my phone, and searched for Mr Daniels on it. A lot of stuff came up. Apparently, in the past 6 hours or so, the police had unearthed a major development.

They had found a knife hidden in the room where I had lived. They didn't find any blood or fingerprints on it. And they had found a note as well.

It said- " I am back. Stronger than ever. I was weak before, and so I couldn't complete my mission. Beware the black eye! For he who dares to block my path, shall meet the ultimate destiny!" The first few lines and the next few lines, it seems, were written by two different persons.

I drank my coffee, and went outside. The sun had come out. And then my eyes started burning. The pain was excruciating. It was blinding.

My phone started ringing.

I woke up, and found myself in the hotel room. It was 4 am, and the sun had not come out yet, I checked the date, and it seems I have gone back in time. All of this was a dream. It wasn't real. I checked my phone.

The news was true. I checked the entire room, everything was as it was when I had gone to sleep. I checked my eyes. They were normal. But how could I dream the news? Had I seen the future?

Or was it just a twisted coincidence? I went back to the bed. And closed my eyes. Tried to sleep.

But I didn't notice the pair of eyes staring back at me from the mirror. From the window. From under the bed. From the television screen. They were everywhere. I screamed.

I blinked once. Twice. The eyes had gone. Just hallucinations, I suppose. Right?

// To understand the story better, I recommend you to read the previous chapters.//

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