The Loudest Bark
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Inspired by a true and really weird event.

The Loudest Bark

“Good night Raj!” “Good night Grandma!” It was a bright night. Stars shimmered in the sky, and the moon peeked from beneath its soft blanket to take a look at what’s going on below.

Raj walked down the road, whistling a soft tune that he had learnt from his grandmother. The road was deserted, with cars parked on the footpath, a clear indication of the crowded homes that people lived in, and a direct violation of several rules.

As Raj reached a corner, a growl came from behind him that stiffened his muscles. A cold chill ran up his spine, as he knew what had made the sound. He turned his neck a bit and saw a group of 6 stray dogs around 10 meters away from him. Raj was afraid of dogs. It was a fear that he had gained from raw experience.

He started moving at a brisk pace, the moon peeking at him slyly, taking in all the fun. As he reached the next turn, he started running towards his house. And nothing could have made him more scared than the barks that followed him.

The pattering of paws with claws out, the random growling sounds followed by constant barking for a few seconds, the gasping of breath, all came together to form a strange symphony. The stars looked on at the scene, gasping whenever the dogs came too close to Raj. Raj took a wrong turn somewhere, they told me, and our protagonist came face to face with -

A DEAD END. Yeah, I know, sounds dramatic, right? As if to make it even more dramatic, the moon decided to take a nap, and put on its blanket. And since he lived in a city ruled by corrupt officials, of course, there were no street lights. There stood our brave hero, about to face a pack of furious dogs, infuriated by reasons unknown to man.

He took out his phone, and got no signal. Wait! It gets even more dramatic. His phone dies. The dogs reach him. Imagine this, our hero stands now face to face with a pack of dogs, 12 gleaming eyes dancing like fireflies in the dark, the strange symphony now reduced to lesser, violent sounds.

And then the moon decides to wake up. It shows its full power and throws away its blanket. Raj looks at the full moon. And then something starts happening to him. His mouth bulges. Jaws widen, lips open wide, nostrils morph to form a snout. Claws come out of his hands and feet, his clothes are ripped to shreds as his biceps bulge to triple their size.

He morphs into a monster, something more than a dog, something more than a werewolf, something that still lurks the deserted streets of all the cities at night. And then he howled, and then he barked. AND my oh my, what a bark that was. The working-class people, who usually sleep heavily, were disturbed all down the street by that god awful sound.

Fathers told their children to never go out at night. Dogs roam around at night. Mothers closed the curtains, after taking a peep outside to see if Mr so and so had come back drunk again and had a knockout session with the dogs. Our protagonist, on the other hand, stood puzzled in front of the dogs. And then he lost himself.

The next day the newspaper told about the violent death of six dogs, and how we must protect our animal society. And our hero? He is still out there, and roams the streets to protect people from dogs. His bark is the loudest. If you hear it, know that you are safe(?).......

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