The Cyclone
The Cyclone thriller stories

atharvakulkarni From darkness comes light
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Cyclones! A dark story.

The Cyclone

The storm was coming. The news had said tons of stuff about it, and many trees had fell as news bearers for this monstrous gust of wind. Our protagonist, let's call him Aaron, in the midst of all of this, was sleeping happily, in his dorm room. Cyclone? Pfft.

Well the cyclone came. It sensed Aaron's room in particular, peeked in , saw him sleeping and perhaps dreaming of some good stuff and got angry. It used its whips and smashed his windows, and Aaron woke up with a gasp and startle " I didn't eat the glue , I promise!", he babbled.

On realizing what was happening, he quickly left the room, only to step in a river that was flowing in the corridor - consisting of water mixed with debris and glass. He quickly went to his friend's room to wake him up, but found it hard to do so. Aaron made his way down towards the mess quick.

It was later found that the friend had been impaled by a pole which had come in through the window, and had died in his sleep. Aaron reached his dorm's mess, and looked in to find it full of people. They had come for breakfast, but had stayed back for safety.

He came in shouting, calling for help, and they all looked at him with fear and confusion in their eyes, for they thought Aaron was the bringer of bad news, and well he was also not wearing all his clothes. As he came in shouting like a maniac, the east wall of the mess blew in as the cyclone puffed at it and laughed outside.

The wall hit the wall of students, breaking their formation as easily as it had once formed, and they fell down with a single blow. Aaron screamed, for he , perhaps, was the only living person left in the mess. The cyclone laughed at his pitiful screams.

It wove around the dorm, whistling, going through rooms like a pervert, mischievous and lethal as a demon, and it made sure to leave its mark everywhere. Oh how it loved to hear their screams, their surprised faces as they died in ways they couldn't think of. Cyclone loved it.

It laughed as it blew apart a boy on his cycle with a flying manhole cover. Aaron was running for the exit now, he had to get out of this mess of a mess and somehow battle this cyclone. He looked around, and made a run for it.

The cyclone sensed one of its prey moving away, and sent its air whips to battle him. The whips came in fast, and they came hard too. Aaron roared like a bull , and made a run for it. Air whips laughed at him, and brought down the mainframe glasses on his back.

Aaron died on the spot. The cyclone chuckled as it looked over its destruction, and made a mark in its diary for the death count. He would have a nice talk with earthquake about his points, and how he was better than his earthly cousin.

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