The Butterfly Effect - Part 2
The Butterfly Effect - Part 2 god hell yeah stories

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Have you ever felt Déjà vu? Part 2 released.

The Butterfly Effect - Part 2

Note:- All the following events happened on the same day. The records never lie. You may not understand this part properly. Some lines have deeper meaning than just mere emotions, and some are too simple to be complex. I assume you have read Part 1.

Mrs Sullivan was not the only one whose job was taken (is that true?). She was one among many, but each person had been removed discreetly, and the news had not got much fuel to yet spread it's grasp over the hungry gossiping population of the small town. But, the factory, missed something.

They produced tires, and a lot of other small parts of vehicles. That day a brand new Mercedes was going to go to its owner, and its last moment repairs or shall we say 'cleaning up' was being handled by this factory's garage unit. And Mrs Sullivan was one of the mechanics.

I hope that didn't strike you as odd in any way. Except, she was doing the job, after knowing that she had been fired. She had been paid for it, and it was her duty, to see that the job is completed. Well, well, well.

Did she do the job correctly? Out of anger, pure blistering , roaring red hot anger, she did. But in the process, damaged one of the tubes connected to the engine, and the tire (whose chrome was to be cleaned thoroughly ) was fixed on to the front axle rod poorly.

My sources tell me that the tire was on the driver's side. The police, on the other hand, beg to differ. And to whom did this car belong to? You guessed it. James.

James was going to ride to his death in this car. But that was going to happen a few hours later. Mrs Sullivan, on her way back, passed some beggars, who looked as if death had forgotten them. Hm, are you with me till now?

Good. Kind as our lady was, she kicked aside their requesting hands, hissed sympathetic cusses at them and moved on. Among those who sat their, was a little girl, who would have been in a middle school, had fate been with her. Destiny?

That little girl's name was Hannah. The dumb onlookers, who had watched the scene with their eyes sealed and their ears shut, told me that Hannah was a bad girl. She had asked the rich Mrs Sullivan to say sorry to them.

Where are your manners little girl? How dare you talk back to that lady? Luck plays its charm in wonderful yet delinquent ways. Understand this statement, and logic will follow you in life. Hannah was angry. That was the only emotion familiar to her, and was the only family

that she had. Her mother didn't care for her, and her father had passed away a few years ago. With fierce eyes and a mighty heart in a feeble body, she made up her mind to do something to change her circumstances. She was going to earn money.

/// -----------------------> Wait for "Ever heard of the Snowball effect? Is it a consequence of the Butterfly effect? Maybe. Maybe not. Maybe it may rain chocolate marbles tomorrow and you may win a lottery. Or you can die." Part 3<---------------------------///

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