The Butterfly Effect - Part 1
The Butterfly Effect - Part 1

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atharvakulkarni From darkness comes light
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Hey everyone! The Butterfly effect is a 3 part story, and here's part 1. Hope you like it!

The Butterfly Effect - Part 1

NOTE:- All the following events happened on the same day, as far as the record goes.

"Shit!" Crash Bang Boom "AAAAAHHHH !" Silence.

As he looked up, he saw his bloodied face in the broken mirror stabbed into his hand, his own blood flowing into his mouth and he, choking on it. It was a peaceful evening. The sun was dipping into its peaceful abode, giving the sky a peachy color. Birds were chirping, and flying back to their homes.

The highway was a serene place. Not many vehicles, and the ones that were present were silently creeping along to their destinations. James was there as well, driving his brand new Mercedes. It had been a wonderful day for him.

He had got a major deal for his company, got his new car and earned a big bonus, all on the same day. Everything was going according to him. Everything. He wanted to reach home and inform his wife.

He loved her a lot, and they were expecting a child this year. Hm, great typical life. He died that evening in a terrible car crash. The deal, was of course cancelled. His wife went into a trauma, and nothing more was heard about the family.

Turns out, the deal being cancelled was a good thing. You see, the deal, if it had happened, would have led to the destruction of a school, only to make way for shops for the rich. And one kid among all that studied there, was the happiest when he got the news, from the local channel, on the same day

that James died. His name was Chris, and he was an orphan studying at that school, and it was the only thing that made his life less terrible. Chris was also working part time so that he could save enough for college. He did many odd jobs.

One of which was that of a waiter in a shady bar. He served drinks there and sometimes food. He never touched either when he was there. He did his job, and moved on. Turns out, it was he in the morning that had given James an extra glass of alcohol,

the name he didn't know. James, seeing Chris as nothing, had tricked the manager of that bar into giving him an extra glass. The money would be, of course, removed from the wages of Chris. The manager, Tom Sullivan, had been cross that day. Not because of Chris and James.

He had his own problems. His wife had just lost her job at a factory, she was removed with much disgrace my sources tell me. The living conditions of the Sullivans were bad as it is, and with the loss of the factory job, it was going to get worse for them.

/// -----------------------> Wait for "A tiny butterfly flapping its wings today may lead to a devastating hurricane weeks from now." Part 2 <--------------------------///

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