The Bond - Part 3
The Bond - Part 3 murder stories
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The forest is dangerous. A sinister plot is about to unfold, what will David do?

The Bond - Part 3

"Hey man, congratulations for getting first rank in the final exams four times in a row!", Jack said, thumping me hard on the back. I winced a bit. "I just got lucky.", I mumbled. I was distracted, as I had seen a rush of black hair from the side of my eyes, followed by whimpering.

It was Sarah. I ran after her, unable to think of a reason for her to be sad. She had got quite good marks, and was still better off than most of the people in our class. Dumb as I was in the ways of social life, I could think only about marks. I found her at our favorite spot, a huge, old tree present behind the school building.

"Hey, What's up? Why are you crying?" "I am not.", she said, looking at me with a tear stained face. I sat beside her, and for ten minutes or so, we did nothing. This situation could be called awkward by others, but not in our case.

Finally, she stood up. "I have to go.", she said. "What do you mean? You are not leaving this place! We have had this talk earlier, you could come to the university with me!" "You don't understand anything David!". With that, she turned and ran away.

And in that moment, emotions flooded me and I felt anger, confusion and sadness, all mixed together to form a concoction, but in that emotional cocktail, there was something sweet that I had never felt before, something so strong.... I was crying now, silently.

Tears dropped to the ground, splattering the dry earth with fresh wetness. I stood rooted to the spot, still hoping that she would come back, laughing, saying it was just a prank. "Don't go, Sarah. Don't leave me alone."

Thunder thundered above in the sky, and the moon was fighting to come out of the clouds to shine again, but to no avail. A shrill scream pierced the deadly silence of that forest. A body dangled from a tree.

"David! Let's get out of here! Come on, move!" I stood rooted to the spot, unable to move, unable to decipher how had it happened. I tried to look away, but I couldn't. Sarah tugged my arm, and pulled me back onto the road, and we started walking again.

It had become impossible to run, as the road was quite muddy and slippery. Flashlights on, we made our way through the forest, the gruesome, terrorized face of my old bully still at the back of my mind. Sarah looked visibly shaken. I tried to ask her how she was, but only got a ' Fine ' in return.

My brain was too muddled to make any sense, and I solely focused on the task to get out of the forest. But another loud shot, like the one I had heard before, cracked the silence of the jungle again. I looked back, afraid to see a wild man with a gun in his hand. And I did.

I mumbled something, trying to get the words " Run Sarah" out of my mouth, but to no avail. I flashed my torch on his face. Only to find it was an oddly shaped tree. My imagination was running wild, and I don't know why I laughed. I laughed and turned around.

Sarah was nowhere to be seen. My blood froze as I heard a high pitched scream, and recognized it to be that of Sarah's. Adrenaline pumped through my body as I tried to make my way to the source of the shriek.

I finally found her, unconscious on the ground, beside an old maple tree. I bent down to examine her, but a sound made me look back. In a matter of few seconds, I heard another shrill scream, a loud thud and all went black.

Mack was sitting peacefully in his bus, a cigarette in his hand, and the radio blaring out the late night news. The radio had silenced the screams from the forest. The rain was still poring down heavily, but Mack didn't give a rat's fart about the couple.

Aye, he had thought they were a couple. Married, he supposed. He chuckled at an old joke that he remembered, paying little attention to the radio. "Good evening folks! But there is nothing good about this evening as we have just got news from the local police

station that two dangerous criminals have just escaped prison. They are armed, and will do anything to get what they want. There names are Sarah Denvers and Greg Rualto, be warned, I repeat they are highly........." Mark coughed out the smoke, as he heard the name Sarah.

Wasn't the name of the girl Sarah as well? That must be a coincidence, she didn't look like a criminal, she was so...... His thoughts were cut short as a bullet smashed into the back of his head, killing him.

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