The Bond - Part 2
The Bond - Part 2 supernatural stories

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I know this was late, but part 2 is released. The story delves deeper, and unknown to our protagonist, a sinister plot is about to unfold.

The Bond - Part 2

"Give me my book back!", I shouted. Jack held the book high. He was pretty tall for a 13 year old. Me? I was that nerdy looking kid with glasses, who had yet to hit his growth spurt. In front of him, I looked like a mouse.

His friends pushed me, and kept on pushing me until I hit the wall.Then they punched me, and the regular beating started. Jack, still holding the book in his hand, smirked and said,"There you go genius boy, that should help you to become a man." "Stop it!", a shrill voice rang upon that violent scene.

Sarah, her face red, stormed to the place with her dad's rifle n her hands. "Stop it, or I will shoot you!", she said , pointing the gun at Jack. He looked at her, still smirking, but his smile faltered when he saw her face. She was not joking. "That's enough boys, let that dweeb go."

To add a finishing touch, he threw the book at my head, and left the place, laughing his head off, along with his group of manly boys. I lay on the ground, sobbing. Sarah came to me, and made me sit upright. A loud honk brought me back to the bus.

"Sir, I think we have got a problem!", the driver shouted. "The name's David.", I mumbled and went upto him. "Ok David, I think there is a ditch ahead. How deep it is, I don't know. Can you go and examine it?

"Sure." I stepped out into the heavy rain. My clothes were wetter than water now. I reached the ditch or pit, and looked at it. A dirty reflection stared back at me. I felt stupid. I took a stick lying nearby and inserted it inside. It went half way, and then hit the ground.

I gave the driver a thumbs up sign , and he roared the bus to life. It went smoothly for some time, but everyone has a bad day in their life. One of the back tires got stuck in the muddy pit, and adamant as it was, it refused to budge even as it's owner hit the pedal. Damn this rain, I thought.

The driver came out to examine, and gave a straight remark- That we would have to walk the rest of the way. That should have come as a shock, but it didn't , for some unknown reason. I told Sarah, and she got out. The driver said he would wait out the storm in the bus.

His friends would come to pick him up in the morning. We started down the road, the rain pouring down as heavily as ever. Luckily, the driver had some torches with him, so at least we were not walking in the dark. We didn't talk for the first mile or so.

During that period, I looked all around the path to see if we could find any sign of civilization. This part of the forest was really dense, and was not used pretty much. Half of my mind wanted to turn back, and go along the original path, but Sarah's reaction stopped me from doing so. Her reaction, I thought , had been strange.

Sarah walked ahead of me. Silent, and not scared at all. She had always been the brave one, and I felt safe around her. I hummed a song, and she started humming it too. Soon, a duet started. That lifted my mood a bit.

It was then that I noticed the footprints in the mud. They were not made from any of our shoes, and it seemed, were quite fresh. I was a bit alarmed by this, and increased my pace. Sarah was surprised, but she too did the same without asking.

And then I heard something. It felt like thunder, but much nearer and louder than ever. I looked back to see if someone was following us. No one was. A shriek startled me, and I saw Sarah pointing at something.

A bullet. There was a bullet in the mud. I took it in my hands, and it was still warm. It was a gunshot that I had heard. But that was not what Sarah had noticed.

Hanging from a tree, was the body of a person. Dead. The lightning flashed to reveal a ghastly face, tormented with terror. My heart skipped a beat when I recognized that face.


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