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#SomeMoments- started by @notsugarcoating.


I am going to share some of the most memorable moments of my life! Prompt by @notsugarcoating, one of the best new writers on Commaful!

1.) At the age of 2, I got stuck in a cloudburst along with my mom, and the bridge in front of us collapsed, and somehow we survived that.

2.) I won my first medal in Class 2, in a mathematics olympiad. That sure did change my perception about Maths! But I hated Geography :(

3.) Again, I encountered floods and cloudbursts in 2010, when I was in Ladakh, India. I survived them. I still don't know how to swim . ;)

4.) Somewhere in between school and studies, I got introduced to a wonderful series of books by Jeff Kinney- A diary of a Wimpy Kid.It still is one of my favorite book series! Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings,Goosebumps, The 39 Clues, Stephen King( Pet Sematary and Cujo at the top!) and a lot many books made my life beautiful. And- Big Bang theory Series Rocks!!!

5.) And a year ago, I got my dream university, and started studying in an IIT. Just a month ago, I joined this wonderful community of Commaful, a place where I am able to share my thoughts and feelings freely, and get lots of stories and poems to read! Bazinga!

Live long and prosper! ;)

Commaful Rocks!!! Thanks a lot @notsugarcoating for sharing this prompt. I love your stories!

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