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Some food for your ravenous minds. And I want some coffee.


It was a bright, cloudy Saturday, and instead of sleeping in, I was sitting in the lecture room, bleary eyed, and with a dazed look on my face which made it completely clear to any person who would look at me, that I was not at all interested in what was going on.

It was a makeup class, as we had a lot left to cover before the exams. It wasn't my actual classroom. This was usually reserved for special occasions and detentions, and I had not come here before. :) Yawning, then quickly stifling it with my hands, I looked down at the desk.

A dull creamy colored surface, filled with cracks and swear words that would alarm any teacher, it looked back at me with an even morose look on it's face. Poor table. The chair, at least, was free of any gum.

" And that is how you calculate..." I jerked back to my senses and looked around at the class. Except two people, rest all were either busy on their phones, or sleeping with their heads bowed down on their notebooks.

And the two? Well, let's just say that there is always some resistance to any well defined and accepted notion. They were sitting at the front, determined looks on their faces, and rapt with attention ,were willing to compensate for the remaining class.

I smirked at them, not because they were studying, but because they were trying to prove that they were better than others. I cleared the puddle of papers,pens, clips, pencils and my precious calculator from the desk, and tried to take a nap. I couldn't.

And then with my head on the desk, I looked around for any kind of entertainment to get me through these hell hours. I could study this stuff later on. Mentally noted. And then my eyes came upon this piece of text written on the lower portion of the desk.

We have those kinds of desks which have a lower extended portion in which we can keep all our books and stuff. Usually no one ever writes anything on these, so I was curious to know what was written on it. It said-"Life is stupid. The world is stupid. I don't want to live in this world." Of course, followed by some random cuss words. I want some coffee. Seriously.

This was some really good food for thought, and my mind was way beyond hungry at that time. Think about it like this- We are Humans, just one among the millions of species that exist on Earth, and just one of the lifeforms that exist(?) in the universe.

We study till an age of 23 or 25 years, then move on towards a job, and then may be we retire along with a happy family to keep us company. Have you ever thought what might happen if you did something differently? Have you ever thought why you even exist?(OK, this one is a bit too much!)

We are all made of stardust. Our earliest ancestors were one celled organisms, and then by the tender hands of evolution, we evolved. And what is it that differentiates us from our plant and animal siblings? Our brain. And our ability to learn and adapt.

We learn skills to survive. We learn skills to thrive. We learn skills to evolve. GPA? As far as I could see, most of my classmates had pretty good GPAs, and I gurantee you that they didn't study much. TV Series, Movies, Restaurants,Parties......

I can't give a definitive result stating that-"Yeah, all students do this..... Blah Blah... Fun...", but think about it in this way- Think of life on a larger scale. And then think about how small we are, how small our life is, and how we have managed to barely touch the cosmic oceans with our feet. An entire world awaits us.

You call this life stupid? Look at those stars above us, glimmering and shining and smiling and throwing gamma ray bursts capable of destroying everything in their paths.... Yup, that was a bit too dark. My own funny attempt at a joke. But just look at them.

You call this world stupid? Do you know that our entire solar system is covered by this huge sphere of ice, dust and small space rocks, that came into existence when our solar system was created? (It's called the Oort cloud, check it out !) Let's take a short journey, shall we?

We sit on Earth, the metropolis of our solar system, the blue jeweled masterpiece of years of evolution.

Let's start! We move on, passing by our friendly neighborhood planets, and going through the Oort cloud, we reach the local cluster, containing around 54 galaxies. ('Oohs' and 'Aahs' expected.)

And then we reach the Virgo Supercluster, containing hundreds of such local clusters as ours. We move beyond, and then reach the edge of the known universe. What's beyond that, you ask?

I don't know. Nobody knows for sure. Feel surprised? I hope not. Feel small? Feel a bit scared? Feel wanted? Feel humility? Still don't want to live to explore the universe? You are special. We all are. We have a purpose. Fulfill that.

Life ain't stupid. Life is beautiful.

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