Routine and You never see me
Routine and You never see me
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atharvakulkarni From darkness comes light
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Hello everyone! I am trying my best to come out of the situation that I am stuck in. Hope you like this poem! Please tell me what you think about it in the comments!

Routine and You never see me

I wake up every morning, the sun shining bright, But my eyes don't see it, it's like I don't have any sight. I listen to the birds chirp, I listen to the cars roar, But to me, the cars are just toys, and the birds never soar.

I get ready, and hope to meet those familiar faces that I see everyday, But they don't see me, they don't have anything to say. I expect at least you to look at me, to ask me how I feel today, But you laugh with them, as I pass away.

I come back to the place I call home, But I don't find solace, I don't feel at home, at home. I eat what I am made of, the star stuff we all are, And look into the sky to see my relatives, all afar.

I try to do my work, with my world falling apart, It seems fruitless, none the less, just like a castle of cards. One tiny push, And they fall apart.

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