#onefact-Not so Factual.
#onefact-Not so Factual. ironman stories

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A fact about me.
#onefact, started by @kaylynn.

#onefact-Not so Factual.

I want to share my love for Iron Man and why my profile name is based on him. I am interested in Science. A lot. And not just average high school stuff.

It's my dream to be like him. (though it's not possible, practically.) Not the suit. The man inside it. Tony Stark. I want to invent stuff. Stuff that would make our lives easier and safer.

Stuff that would allow us to explore outer space, stuff that will allow us to get to know about our origin. He motivates me to strive for the best in all possible fields. He is the reason that I love science and mathematics.

He is the perfect example(almost?) of a superhero. He is not a god. He is not an advanced being. He is a human, who uses his intelligence for good. And makes it look super cool in the process!!

We make our own heroes. And someday, become one.

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