Musings of a Time Traveler
Musings of a Time Traveler  water stories

atharvakulkarni From darkness comes light
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I met a time traveler tomorrow. He shared with me his thoughts yesterday.
Today, he left for tomorrow.

Musings of a Time Traveler

Greetings from the future! I have heard about your cities, your transportation, your ethics and values, your sports, your mega corporations... I had them in my history course. Had to study for it.

There are some things I want to share. Some things that you people have done, and will continue to do so for a century or so. Some things, that have made you a threat to this planet. I have sacrificed my life to warn you. Better read this carefully!

We don't have enough pure water to drink. Most of it has been contaminated to such an extent, that even advanced purification processes are not able to make it clean.You have even disrupted the water cycle. Please use water carefully. Please dispose your garbage properly.

We don't have any fossil fuels with us. The war that broke out, made some nations so poor, that they couldn't do research on alternate sources of energy. Please use fossil fuels carefully. Do use alternate sources of energy. They aren't cheap, I know, but please use them as well.

I know, I know. You must have heard all this stuff everyday. In your 'newspapers', (Funny little things, those were), on your 'television'(I have one, it's an antique!).... But you never paid heed to that, did you?

Some said that some part of the world will do the job for them, why should they care? Some said that the scientists will find a solution, don't they always? Some lived their lives, while others paid for them. Only a little portion did what had to be done.

When the war started, every nation fought for it's own.(I have got full marks on the quiz related to this war!) No one fought for what was right. No one understood the fact that everyone belonged to the same species. But it was too late by then.

Animals died on a large scale. Nuclear weapons were used on an even larger one. People were forced to go underground.Ozone layer was destroyed. Only some plant species, who could adapt to the radioactive soil, survived. And now, we live in the soil.(!) Well, under it.

There are no nations now. Just colonies. We eat what we can find. Or what's eatable. Or dead. Ah, yes, I forgot. Not all colonies are the same. Like the one that I work and live in.

Some are really good, prepared much before, for even in your time there were some people who knew about the future. They set up these 'good' colonies. Only 'good' people can live in these. Space exploration is non existent. We can't leave this planet.

Please change your habits. Even a single person can make a tremendous change. Have you ever heard about the Butterfly effect? (Not the movie!) Please save us. Please save me.

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