Merlin-Final Chapter
Merlin-Final Chapter j.k. rowling stories

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The series comes to an end , with a twist.

Merlin-Final Chapter

I was finally at home. I smiled. My real name is Martin. Sarah and Albert both know that. "Mrs Watson! Please come quickly! Something is happening!", the nurse shouted.

A woman sitting on a bench stood up and with weak sturdy steps, moved towards the room that housed her ailing son. Martin was in deep coma. He was a victim of a tragic accident, a hero, and now he was on the bed, as lifeless as he never would have been.

His mom reached his side. Her wrinkled face revealed the truth, the hardships that she had gone through, the trauma that she had faced, the battles that she had fought, only to lose her only son to an accident. Her beautiful wrinkled face was etched with tears, foreboding in her eyes.

Martin was alive. He just wasn't alive though. His mind was alive. Mrs Watson knew her son was brave, tough. And when her eyes fell upon his face, a warm gush of unknown feelings swept through her.

Martin was smiling. Martin was the boy who had got admitted into Hogwarts. It was him all along. His mind was beautiful. He had made his own world. His mom used to read the books to him. She knew he could still hear her.

He always loved those stories. They brought meaning to his life. They brought reason. He always used to listen to his mom carefully. He tried to express his gratitude, his love for her, but couldn't.

He couldn't even cry. His mom used to get up to drink water, or go to the bathroom. Sometimes too often. But he knew that she only wanted to hide her tears. She didn't want to let him know that she was sad, weak, and perhaps above all, had lost hope.

And now there he was, smiling. Mrs Watson couldn't believe her eyes. In his world, Sarah and Albert hugged him. And he found himself rising, happily, glad that he could move.

The monitor showed his heart rate as zero. The nurse quickly checked his pulse, while the doctor started preparation for defibrillation. Martin was smiling, eyes open, a bit dreamy. The doctor gave the alarm, and defibrillation started.

Mrs Watson, stood on the spot, looking at her son. She started crying. She was going to lose him. Defibrillation failed. Martin was gone. Dead.

His mom collapsed, the nurses took her out. But before going, she stole a last look at her son. His smile. Something that she had lived for her entire life. She understood where he was. She knew.

The few days that he had lived, been in Slytherin, were the happiest moments of his life. He had a beautiful mind. He was finally, at home.

// Do read the first four chapters to understand the ending. //

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