Merlin-Chapter 3
Merlin-Chapter 3 hogwarts stories

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Time for sorting.

Merlin-Chapter 3

The boat reached the port, and Albert and I came out of it, soaking wet. Apparently, the giant squid had taken upon itself to give a unique welcome, and had given each of us a friendly splash. We soon reached the large gate of Hogwarts, and upon entering inside, were met by Professor Mcgonagall.

We were told to get ready for the sorting ceremony. I was pretty nervous about the ceremony. Albert, on the other hand, seemed pretty confident. “I will be in Gryffindor, my entire family has been in it”, he said with a smile on his face.

Soon, we were called inside the Great Hall, and were greeted by a thunderous applause from all the house tables. My heart seemed as if it would take a flip or something, and the number of emotions that I was feeling as I took in the view of the ceiling of the hall, and the teacher’s table, seemed uncountable.

My turn for sorting came soon. I sat on the stool, and put on the hat. It started talking.

“Hmm… You have brains, my boy, and have so many ambitions. You are capable of great things, So how about Ravenclaw? Eh? Oh, wait a minute, what’s that I see? Such perseverance, such wit, such power… I haven’t seen such qualities since Merlin himself…. You are a muggle born, aren’t you? But there are always firsts… Yes… That must be done…”


I sat rooted to the spot. Albert was looking at me, his eyes wide, and as far as I could tell, I had just become the first muggle born wizard to get sorted into Slytherin in a century. It couldn’t be. I came back to my senses as the Slytherin table erupted with a tremendous applause. I was the first first year to get sorted into Slytherin.

I stood up meekly, and went to join the Slytherins. I wished that I could just reverse time and change my house. What had the hat said? Capable of great things? Hadn’t seen such qualities since Merlin himself?

Albert got sorted into Gryffindor. I tried to give him a smile and a thumbs up, but he ignored me. And then at last, it was the turn for the girl that had sat with us in the train to get sorted. Her name was Sarah Zechter. She got sorted into Ravenclaw.

I looked at the Slytherin table again. Apart from me, there were only 20 other first years that had got sorted into Slytherin. I hadn’t expected this. After the dinner, as everyone started going towards their dormitories, I went to Albert and said “Hey! Congrats for getting sorted to Gryffindor!”

“How did you get sorted into Slytherin?”, he asked me. “I dunno. The hat was initially going to sort me into Ravenclaw, but later changed its mind”. “You must be the first muggle born to get into Slytherin! ",he said.

“No hard feelings, right? I am not evil or anything, ok? ", I said. “Yeah, I know that. Chill out. I am still your friend.”, he said with a grin and left for the Gryffindor tower. I followed the prefects as they led us towards the dungeons.

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