Merlin-Chapter 2
Merlin-Chapter 2 j.k. rowling stories

atharvakulkarni From darkness comes light
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The journey begins.....

Merlin-Chapter 2

As the train went around the curve, I lost sight of my mom and dad, and started making my way towards the first year compartments. I finally found one, in which one boy and one girl were sitting. I quietly sat beside the boy after keeping my luggage on the luggage rack.

"Hi! My name is Albert Rodwick. What's yours?", he said after I sat down. "Atharva Kulkarni.", I replied. That somewhat broke the ice between us. And then we started talking on a variety of topics, and though I had read all the books, I didn't expect them to be so real.

After Lord Voldemort was killed, to give an account of what actually happened in the world to the muggles, these books were written, and all the muggles that had come in contact with the wizarding world were obliviated. These books were released by the Minister of Magic, Hermoine Granger, in order to let everyone know that goodness prevails under all circumstances.

Albert came from a wizarding family, his dad was a muggle and his mum was a witch. On listening to the fact that I was a muggle born, he became quite excited and asked about the effects of the books, and how did I feel when I got to know that magic was real.

I explained everything to him, and also told about the movies that were made(He didn't know anything about movies), and when I was telling him about the actors and actresses that played the role of the famous wizards and witches, the compartment door slid open, and there stood the world famous food trolley,with its assortment of bizarre foods.

I bought everything that I knew that was edible for me- Chocolate frogs, Pumpkin pasties, Bertie Botts Every flavor beans, and some assorted candy sticks that shrieked when you ate them. Albert bought Chocolate frogs, and grinned at the look that I had on my face. I got Hermoine on my first card!

All this time the girl was sitting silently, reading a book that stirred up a well known name in my mind. "Hey, isn't that the Quibbler?", I asked her. She looked up at me, and replied in a rather cold voice, "Yes, it is."

And with that, she went back to reading her book quietly, looking up only when we reached the famous landscape beyond Hogsmeade. Albert suggested that we should probably wear our robes, and get ready.

After 20 minutes, we reached Hogwarts. In my excitement, I dropped my bag on the girl. She gave me a very cold look, didn't listen to my apologies, and stormed out of the compartment.

Albert got out of the train first. He was excited, but not as me. The castle was much better, and much more inviting than the one that I had seen in the movies. And out of the crowd came a booming voice, a voice that every single person who had read the books or watched the movies (or both) knew.

There stood Hagrid, showing the first years the way to the boats. I didn't get a chance to talk to him. Albert and I got on a boat, and the boat started it's journey.

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