Merlin- Chapter 4
Merlin- Chapter 4 j.k. rowling stories

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First class at Hogwarts.

Merlin- Chapter 4

I reached the common room. It was dark, gloomy and cold. BUT my oh my, was it cool? Hell yeah!

The fireplace had green flames in it. The couches were awesome, and every single piece of furniture was costly and antique. The walls were adorned with pictures of famous people who had been in Slytherin at their time at Hogwarts.

Above the fireplace was a large frame of a snake, with Slytherin written under it. One of the walls was see through, so I was able to see every thing below the lake from there. I watched the giant squid roll in the mud for some time, and looked away from the dance of the merpeople when the prefects called all the first years.

They told us what we were allowed to do, and what we must not do. They also told us to work hard and help Slytherin in winning the House Cup at the end of the year. After that, everyone went to their dormitories.

I woke up the next morning, and it took me some time to realize that I was finally at Hogwarts. I sat on my bed for some time, thinking about the past few months of my life. It had changed so much.

I reached the Great Hall, and went to the Slytherin table. We were given the Timetables by Professor Slughorn. He looked quite old now. He did look at me for quite a long time though, and muttered something under his breath that I couldn't hear.

My first class was Transfiguration, along with the Ravenclaws. After finishing my breakfast, I somehow reached the transfiguration tower in time. Mind you, I had left an hour earlier. I suppose it was going to take some time to get used to all the staircases and paths in Hogwarts.

When I reached the classroom, only Sarah was there. No one else had come yet. I went and sat beside her. "Hi! Sorry for dropping my luggage on you. Hope you didn't get hurt.", I said.

She looked at me for some time, as if I was some kind of double horned slug, and then she smiled. It felt pretty weird to see her smile. "It's alright. You got sorted into Slytherin, right? So what's the name of your family?", she said.

" I am a muggle born.", I replied. She gave me a nod and then a smile, which seemed sinister for some reason. Soon after, we were joined by the other students, and then Professor Mcgonagall, and then the class started.

After taking the attendance,we were told about the basics of transfiguration, followed by a simple spell to change the color of a marble. After the class ended, Professor Mcgonagall called me to her table. She looked worried.

"Atharva, I hope you don't mind your house. If you face any kind of bullying, feel free to contact me." There was a strange look in her eyes for a few seconds, but it quickly vanished, and the strict eyes returned. I came outside the class, only to find Sarah smirking at me.

"What was that all about?", she asked me. "Nothing. Don't you have a class to go to?" "Nope. This hour is free for me. What about you?" "Me too. Come on, let's go to the library and start the transfiguration homework. Better be ahead."

She smirked again, said something which rhymed with "Nerd", and started walking with me towards the library. As we reached the library, I noticed a familar face. "Hi Albert!", I said. He looked up from his books and grinned.

"How was the first class?", he asked. "It was pretty cool. I managed to change the color of my marble in my first attempt!", I said brightly. "Now ,now Atharva, don't lose your marbles!", Sarah said with her lopsided grin. We all started laughing.

I felt like I was at home.

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