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atharvakulkarni From darkness comes light
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Our best friend.


Sam sat down in front of the door, waiting for his master to come and get him. Master had gone and left him in this big, scary building. He could hear other dogs barking inside. Sam didn't want his master to go. Sam did not like this place. It had a scary smell to it.

Had he done something to make master angry? Master always called him a good dog. He was obedient and loyal. Was it because he had chewed on master's shoes? But master rarely wore them. Was it because he had tried to bite master one day? But that was because there was a honeybee on his leg.

Didn't master know that he loves him? Was Sam not a part of the family? Was he just a toy, then? To be played with till everyone enjoys, and when you get bored with it, you just dispose it?

Sam loves his master. He knew that very well. But if master didn't want him, and if it would make master happy, it would be okay with him. He didn't want to make master sad. Sam loved his master.

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