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atharvakulkarni From darkness comes light
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Life as a thing is not as mysterious as those who tend to live it.....


Sigh. I am so tired of my life Everything is so confusing, nothing makes sense

I work for the deadlines, I study because I fear That if I don’t, I will be left behind, I will not survive

I am afraid that if I don’t participate in what everyone is doing I will not be able to survive

I want to gain knowledge, not pass exams There is a difference between the two As there is a difference between respect and fear

Who am I to challenge the system? They say it has produced great people, and will continue to do so We made it. It’s legal Who are you?

I am just a guy who is surviving it But at the end of the day When I look back to see where I have come, and where I want to go I question myself

How did I survive? What has the system done to me? Chiseled to perform tasks, but to excel in none

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