#Icebreaker Challenge
#Icebreaker Challenge #icebreaker stories

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#Icebreaker Challenge. Let's become more acquainted before 2018 ends!

#Icebreaker Challenge

#Icebreaker Challenge is a challenge created by @Duskthoughts. 3 Questions, each with 2 wrong and 1 correct answers. It's a fun way to get to know each other and I encourage all of you to participate in it! Just tag your post with #icebreaker to participate.

Question 1:- What did I want to study as a kid in High School? A) Computer Science B) Maths C) Astronomy

Question 2:- Which Author is my favorite? A) HP Lovecraft B) Jeff Kinney C) Stephen King

Question 3:- Which video game do I love the most? A) The Last Of Us B) Heavy Rain C) Prince of Persia : Two Thrones.

I will post the answers after a few days. Do tag me in your posts so I can guess the answers to your questions!

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