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Hope is the only thing powerful enough to get shit done. A serious piece with a dose of mild humor.


I am not one of those people who wake up all fresh in the morning and look just like they have come out of the shower. When I do wake up( it takes a while) and come to my senses, the first thought that comes to my mind is that when will all of this end (and why the hell is my toothbrush on the ground.)

It takes a tremendous amount of courage to get up from my bed, and go to the bathroom. It take even more courage to not fall back to sleep. After the daily morning stuff, I go down to the mess to shove some food in my stomach, and my day starts.

The same is true for most of the people who are studying in universities. My day is hectic. A bit too much. 6 hours of classes, followed by 3 hours of lab. A year has gone by now, and I have gone through a lot of tough times.

All nighters powered by strong doses of tea and coffee(Yes, I drank both) ? Check. Running around to find something eatable when the mess has closed? Check. Procrastinating? Check. Whining about life and talking philosophical shit that makes no sense? Check.

Every single day of the last year, I used to make a list of stuff that I would accomplish no matter what happens before the day ends. And every single day, that piece of paper would be resting at the bottom of the dustbin, crumpled up, bearing the signs of frustration and anger at not being able to achieve anything.

Then came the holidays. I though that I would study like hell, and surpass everyone. Did that happen? Hell NO. Every single piece of paper that I crumbled, every single piece that I wrote, would take away with it a piece of my excitement, and made me feel smaller.

And today? A year has gone by, and I still make those lists. I live in the apparent fear of the future. Not knowing something while knowing that I could know it, and missed the chance to do so, is my biggest fear. Knowledge has become a secondary factor now.

I though it would be fun to read books, search about what I learnt on the internet, create something. But nope, that's not the real life. Real life is your GPA. That's the main filter, they tell me.

To study abroad, or get a very nice job, that's a filter. Well, again, as I said, I worry about the future a lot. Before sleeping, I mentally create a plan. I scold myself for eating junk food, I scold myself for chatting with my friends, for watching a tv series, for having a bit of fun....

But a tiny voice always responds.... Why? Why shouldn't I? Am I a robot? The response from the other end is always the same. You will have time to do everything later on.

That's the exact line they used to tell me when I was in 10th grade. The final result from all this is- Why do we do the same stuff everyday even though the apparent result has a lesser probability of happening (It always has)?

The answer is simple. We are humans. We believe in hope. And we always BELIEVE. Hope empowers us. Hope for a better future. Hope for a better salary. Hope for a new house.

Believe. A strange word. Roll it in your mouth a bit. Let your tongue dance around . We do something because we believe in something. Combine belief and hope. That's our strong, freshly grounded coffee.

Ever feel good after seeing a motivational video? It just gives you a refill of CappuHopa Beliefinated. Drink it. Cherish it. And never give up hope, and never stop believing in your dreams.

Here is an awesome quote- " To feel motivated, to get something done, do something everyday that sucks for you. Don't like waking up early in the morning and taking a jog? Do it. Don't like studying? Study. Embrace the suck."

The above stuff was said by David Goggins, a Navy SEAL who went through a seriously tough and rough childhood and college life, but never stopped believing, and most importantly, he never lost hope. So, I hope that you get the message?

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