Fallout : Part - 1
Fallout : Part - 1 thriller stories

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A mini apocalyptic thriller series. Here's the first part!

Fallout : Part - 1

The air was full of dying life. The stench, the putrid stench of rotting flesh swam into his nose through the filter. He wanted to puke, but he had always hated to puke. Controlling himself, he trudged on the path worn down by man's inventions, his heavy boots making sick noises as they pressed heavily onto the dead bodies.

It had been a week since the third world war had ended, and it had ended with ( he thought with a sick grin), a 'bang'. The two teams ( of the same people) had thrown their toys at each other, only to realize later on that they had gone a bit too far this time. It was raining now, and as he

walked down the road, his mind drifted off ...... He saw his wife smiling at him, he saw his son clapping as he picked him up, he saw his daughter playing soccer, he saw his mother cheering him, he saw their cat smiling with a rat in its mouth, he saw his brother dying, he saw.....

A week. All it took to wipe out most of the humanity and life on the planet. He was wearing a suit, courtesy of the Allied forces, made to protect oneself from radiation. They were a tad bit late on the distribution process though. He laughed, a hollow morbid sound, which made his skin crawl.

The rain, it was not pure now as it had been before ( Was it ever pure , he thought). He stopped when he saw a small shack, which had survived the whopping. He made his way towards it, and found that it was an entrance to the so called 'safehouses' that everyone was talking about before the nukes landed.

There were scratch marks on the door, and it seemed as if someone had died trying to get in. He looked around for the body, but didn't see anything. He knocked on the door, waiting for a reply. Splish, splash, the rain went on. He looked around for the sun,

wishing he could see it again. '......... Hello? Hello! Is someone out there?' ~ A voice crackled to life from the door. He looked at the door, and said 'Joan. I am a survivor, and I am tired and hungry.' There was static for some time, and then the door opened.

It was dark, too dark Joan thought. Oh how he wished he had a gun, he could finish everything so quickly. Turning around, he again looked for the sun. He didn't see it. He stepped inside, and the door closed.

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