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atharvakulkarni From darkness comes light
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Roads so twisted and dark, Their absence makes me fall apart, But their presence, Makes me want to cry my heart out. There are many paths that you can take,

Long and short, wide and narrow, Lively and dead, dry and wet, But only once can you take them, In this journey that we call life. Only once.

And its funny how, We are free but not free, To choose what we want. To choose the path. To choose my life, I see others.

And others is what I have seen a lot, And the path that I had chosen was never mine, and never would be, I didn't know myself then, I don't know myself now, But I would have loved to feel loved,

To be shown the right path, Among the hundreds that lay scattered. They laugh at me, Taunt me, Motivate me, Inspire me,

But I dont think you will ever know what I feel, Until you have stepped into my shoes, Never will you ever know how I felt. I wonder how will you react to my absence?

When you never knew my presence.

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