A bowl of ramen
A bowl of ramen horror stories

atharvakulkarni From darkness comes light
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A bowl of ramen is always tasty. Can something go wrong?

A bowl of ramen

It was as silent a night as it can be, and I was dead tired from all the work. All I wanted to do was pick up something to eat, head back home and have a nice relaxing sleep. I worked at a big IT company in Kyoto, Japan. I lived in a rented flat , which was quite far away from where I worked.

Usually, I would pick up something simple from fast food trolleys on the side lanes, or eat leftovers for dinner. But today, I wanted to eat a steaming bowl of Ramen. And I knew a perfect place to get that. My friend Jiyn had bugged me the entire afternoon telling me how wonderful this place was.

I headed towards the address that he told me, in the hopes that a bowl full of thick soup and noodles and meat... might just be the thing that I require. With a smile on my face, I reached the shop. It was a small shop, with only 4 seats in it, and I was the only customer.

I gave my order, along with an extra bowl of noodles. I was hungry. The order came fast, and while it came I looked around at the shop a bit. The wallpaper was old , and the shop had a musty odor to it that I had come to relate with attics.

When the order came, I started eating the noodles. The broth was thick, had green onions, radishes, bamboo tubes, pork , boiled eggs.... It was a perfect bowl of ramen. A little bit too perfect... After licking that last drop of soup from the bowl, I got up and started taking out money from my wallet.

I started to leave the place, only to find that there was no door to exit the room. I looked around, and saw only walls around me. The lights went off. I was alone in the dark, and beginning to feel dizzy.

The next thing I know, strong hands gripped me from behind, and I was gone. I woke up next morning on the road. This story was written on a page in my pocket. I don't know where I am.

Help me.

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