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An Autobiographical Poem.

Story of Mine

The story of mine isn’t enthralling, I give that to you

If you’d prefer to listen, come, have a seat too.

I am not an extraordinary human at all

Thus, had to embrace each inevitable fall

It starts with years, not too long ago

When I dived right in, without much ado

Unlike many who were attracted to rain,

I loved sunshine and pushed away the pain

If there was something in life that I knew

It was to be dazzled in a pre-planned hue

The purpose of living might have been null

Years besotted to all that was dull

Perhaps, it wasn’t meant to stay

So destiny brought me, far, far away

But sure, it wasn’t easy, no

Time had come for everything to blow

In the ruins, I desperately fought

While the sanity of mine continued to rot

Hoping to find the remnants unburnt

I lost faith in all that I had learnt

Why is life so brutally unfair?

Questions crawled out with every tear

And as if the moon could hear,

I sprawled my wounds and every fear

Quite a while, it took me to recover

Be who I am and shed the cover

So with steps; one, two and three

My real passion, I got to see

You might be thinking though

It must have ended well, no?

I really thought so, too

But I had, chapters new

Because my choice wasn’t a similar path

Criticism came like inescapable wrath

They told me, I could’ve done better

My passion for writing won’t last forever

It couldn’t give me anything in return

I’d be left with no achievements earned

They did fail to take notice though

How it shined in my eyes; the lost glow

So, I knew then what I had to do

Move forward without further ado

Now here I am, with all of you

Sharing bits; I agree they are few

For those who took time to have a seat

Thank you for listening to the story of defeat

Soon, to continue, I will come again

Tell you from failures, what I have gained

Till then, my friends, be safe and sound

I hope you join, next time I come around.

© A.S.R

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