AteefahWriter and poet.
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by Ateefah

Wretched appeared the colourless walls; devoid of life's stain, Darkness etched onto the glass; story of every window pane.

Stood the house alone; bore no family to call it home, Voices had disappeared along footprints that loved to roam.

Emptiness overcame the vicinity; not a single bird in sight, Days had taken on rent, unmitigated tranquillity of the night.

The ground had unwillingly swallowed; countless drops of impeccable blood, Misery then, happily arrived; drowning everything in obliteration's flood.

The malicious desire for money and power; trapped individuals in its delusion, Reality soon lay forgotten; the world's pleasures were a mere illusion.

Tied around brutality's necks; invisible ropes of sins so grave, With ceasing breath, still; continues devastation's immoral crave.

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kylanaren't we all born to die?
2 months ago
im quite sad

AteefahWriter and poet.
a month agoReply
@mitchel Thank you!

mitchelBronze Comma"Fight it,take the pain,ignite it"
5 months agoReply
Nicely written:) I liked it👍🏻