Stardust: Chapter 2 (Part 1/2)
Stardust: Chapter 2 (Part 1/2) romance stories

asuryuura "Let your fingers dance themselves."
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'It's like déjà vu all over again; yet, you don't get the same moment twice a life.'

'Mesarthim is a double star, and Hamal is the brightest star of this constellation. Just like the soul-seeking game in this world. One will eventually meet the other half of the soul.'

It starts with a dream- a dream that she couldn't remember clearly. It begins with precognition- precognition that he could see vaguely. Where would the destiny lead to Kazuki and Asu?

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Stardust: Chapter 2 (Part 1/2)

Flashback: A brief cracking sound of the impact on the binocular struck through their fiery conversation. Kazuki glanced down at those burning hazel eyes of Asu. "... ... I hate you." she murmured in an undertone; yet, such murmur is rather threatening than a loud rage.

'When you meet someone for the first time, it was a complete accident.

When you meet that person for the second time, it was a coincidental accident.

When you meet the same person for the third time, it was a planned accident from the cupid.'

The scattered light filtered through, landed onto the fair skin of the little girl when streams of sunlight shone through the trees.

Birds chirping silvery, singing the song of peace; yet, peace couldn't found within herself. She sat under the tree alone while she rubbed against the discolouration on her forearm.

Her teeth behind the plump lips gritted in reflex as if such action could chase away the throbbing pain spreading on her nerves.

The droplet of tears lingered in her eyes, blurring the vision of the bruises. As if those tears are opposing herself- the more she tried to hold it back, the more they threatened to fall.

Tough, she appeared to be. Lonely, she seemed to be.

A shadow faded in a step away from her, snatching her attention from struggling all by herself. She tilted her head and looked up.

A smile that she couldn't understand was hanging on the lovely face of another little one. Before she could open her mouth, the other kid held out the hand to her without speaking a word.

Hesitating-yet-uncontrollably, she parted her hand from her arm and outreached to take the other's hand.

With the support of the other girl, she stood up and walked hand-in-hand towards the unknown destination.

The bruise was still visible under the sunlight; yet, surprisingly, it doesn't seem to be as painful as a moment ago.

People say the best friend is the worst influence; as time goes by, one may not remember who is the bad influence.

You or your best friend? Only if you remember who starts judging another and who joins the judgement after. Perhaps, the birds of feather explain perfectly.

"No! I'm, definitely, not happy to have met such a jerk!" With the cellphone on hand, Asu walked to the white wooden wardrobe that stood proudly not far from her bed.

Shifting another hand to the stainless steel knob, she swung one of the doors opened.

"But you mentioned he's good-looking, right? So, why not give a try?" a lower voice played from the other side of the cellphone.

The suggestion given by the caller doesn't seem to calm her agitation any better. Instead, she rolled her eyes to respond to unnecessary advice.

"Seriously, Mai. Are you trying to annoy me again?" knowing that the other wouldn't realise her physical response, she decided to transform her action into words.

A heavy sigh added to emphasise her frustration to the simple-minded girl over the phone.

"Maa, maa... Just forget about it. I told you to come with me to the group blind date. You know, meeting new guys help in forgetting the old one." Mai spoke, attempting to convince Asu to be her company to the first blind date- without knowing Asu was already checking on the clothes hanging neatly in the wardrobe.

"He's not the new or the old guy." Asu remarked once again, with hints of annoyance.

Sometimes, she was amazed at how the simple mind underneath Mai's head knows so well in rubbing her up the wrong way.

"Dress or pants?" she questioned out of the blue- and the girl on the other side coped up with her pace effortlessly.

"Dress." Mai answered briefly before elaborating the reason of her answer, "There's a reason why only female wears dress, Asu."

She couldn't deny the matter of fact; yet, she couldn't disagree more that the female is all about dresses. After all, there's a reason why female wears pants as well.

"Mai... Hmm..." she called her best friend out softly. However, numbers of words running around her mind, waiting for her to pick and line them up in an ideal way.

"I'll be late if I attend to the blind date with you." she spoke softly with hints of guiltiness.

"I, hmm... I need to meet him first before that." she told her reason- one that she would never want to tell.

"Understood. I'll share the location. Just at least be there before it ends, ne?" Mai responded considerately.

'True friends are always together in spirit' says L.M. Montgomery.

There are times when she wanted to seek an answer from her best friend- why does her best friend always give in and have faith in her?

Though the answer is clearly to be seen. No doubt. Perhaps, that's what friendship is.

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