Stardust: Chapter 1 (Part 1/2)
Stardust: Chapter 1 (Part 1/2) romance stories

asuryuura "Let your fingers dance themselves."
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'It's like déjà vu all over again; yet, you don't get the same moment twice a life.'

'Mesarthim is a double star, and Hamal is the brightest star of this constellation. Just like the soul-seeking game in this world. One will eventually meet the other half of the soul.'

It starts with a dream- a dream that she couldn't remember clearly. It begins with precognition- precognition that he could see vaguely. Where would the destiny lead to Kazuki and Asu?

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Stardust: Chapter 1 (Part 1/2)

'Meeting the most unexpected person in the most unexpected time under the most unexpected circumstance... You're the worst I've ever met.'

Admiring the town which situated down at the hill, the familiar scenery turned into a magical land of coldly white and opaque under his feet.

As if the neighbourhood has gained the blessing from the goddess of snow; the snow nymph sprinkled the heavenly white snow crystal gently from the darkening sky.

The snowflakes landed every corner of the city, covering the town a fluffy snow blanket.

The cold breeze caressed the fair skin of Kazuki's face and hands, spreading its wintery touches to the bare skin underneath his barely-warm dark grey scarf around his neck.

Visible misty clouds escaped from his thin lips as he took each chilly, moist air in and out. It is the season that he loves- for its mystical view and the wintery climate.

Kazuki, one that known for his social connection, is always seen with his fellow committees or companions. However, he does enjoy a little me-time now and then.

As the saying goes, even the strongest person needs a break.

Today is the day where he craves for the give-me-some-private-time; and so, he picked his favourite spot of all intentionally to fill his free time with the thing he loves to do.

However, he would never expect it would be one of the worst decisions he made.

Setting up the telescope by the hill in no time, he sat down onto the frozen ground, two steps away from the telescope.

He bent his legs, laying one of them by side while another foot on the ground, supporting his relaxed body with his palms pressing against the snow.

Gazing at the warming hues of red blended with orange and purple, breathtakingly, a sense of warmth embraced with the coldness of the weather.

Tranquillity and serenity enhanced the soothing ambience to the next level. His lips widened in slight extend as he drowns himself into the beauty of nature.

Yet, it doesn't take long before the relaxing atmosphere comes to an end.

A brief, high-pitched sneeze together with the silvery ringing sound struck through the silence, capturing his attention from the peaceful indulgence.

He glanced towards the direction of the noise, only to find a stranger taking a seat a few steps away from where he is.

Creamy brown cape coat matches perfectly with the hickory brown skinny pants. The sepia beret complimented her long, silky dark brown hair as well as her fair skin.

His emerald eyes soon landed onto the source of the silvery ringing sound- a pair of golden bells on her loosely tied hair next to her ear.

'Since when she sat next to me...?' he questioned secretly in his mind- and the next second, his curiosity replaced with speechless expression.

What after the sneeze was an annoying sound of nose-blowing- which narrowed an eyelid of Kazuki. 'Just how ladylike her appearance shows the opposite of her...' a comment ran across his mind.

A sense of unease prickled from the left, bringing her eyes rolling to the side and taking a glance at the stranger- with the damped tissue on her hands still. Awkward, it is.

The awkward moment when you turn to look at someone who's staring at you wordlessly, and that someone doesn't even bother to look away.

For a moment, their eyes met- and not a hint of dreamy, romantic mood included.

'What? Haven't you seen anyone sneeze and blow their nose? Or perhaps you don't?' she thought as she studied the annoyed expression of the man; yet, what she spoke was the opposite of what her mind thought.

"Excuse me." she apologised with the brightest smile she ever had on her face.

"Ah." Kazuki responded briefly following by a soft murmur of "Whatever."

Despite what he answered, he couldn't help feeling annoyed from his invaded private time and interrupted peace of mind.

Returning his gaze to the darkening sky, he divided half of his concentration to the girl next to him- secretly.

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