Take My Hand (A cellphone novel)

Take My Hand 
(A cellphone novel) cellphonenovel stories

asukasama A certain someone's Happy Pill~
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"Are all angels born to please the human eyes?"

"Angels borned onto the earth are only transient, their beauty is merely a mesmerizing mist. If you dispel the mist, you will find a heart longing for freedom. What you're trying to say is hidden in your songs."

"Take me to the sky, will you?"

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Take My Hand (A cellphone novel)

Alfthryth Hold, the Mystique Land Home of Aoide, goddess of the voice In ages long past...

Haruto cracked open his eyes finding himself hanging limply against a cold wall staring into a pair of furious glares of a towering goddess.

Somehow his lifeless body had managed to crawl back here...

From one hell hole to another...

He thought deliriously as his fever raged.

Pain roiled inside his broken body.

His fractured limbs...

never had he imagined such agony.

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