Freedom, Justice, and Liberty
Freedom, Justice, and Liberty poetry stories

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Some bars I wrote to present at a Hamilton showing. In short, the colonists have had enough.

Freedom, Justice, and Liberty

Circulating about, you hear these talks of freedom, justice, and liberty

I have nothing to say besides that I wholeheartedly agree

The sun never shined on a greater worth but a continent

Which is why I stand here perplexed while you sit there content

"She protects us!" You'll say. "I need not more of your opinion."

England protects us, yes, but solely for the sake of trade and dominion

While we're drowning in all of this oppression and blight,

You continue feeding from the King and all of his parasites

I'm sorry to say, but we have passed the threshold of reconciliation

Specifically, I've had it up to here with this taxation!

"She's our mother country, you heretic. Hold your tongue!"

Mother country? Really? Even brutes do not devour their young

Please, hear me out, haven't we tried flattering their vanity?

Haven't we tried enough to cure all of this insanity?

You may not endure any of this sorrow, but have you forgotten?

Don't tell me you know not of all those poor souls in Boston

"We cannot live without her!" You fret. "Doing so would be a disaster!"

What? From a country so far that we have to wait five months for an answer?

Let's be real here, this dreadful quasi-government isn't working

How long will it take until you start learning?

You're only afraid because you believe that we have yet to lay down a plan

Believe me when I say that is revolution has already began

King replaced by president, Parliament replaced by Congress

Let's say farewell to that little island which is nothing short of monstrous

Her motive was interest, not attachment

She did not protect us from our enemies on our account

But from her enemies on her own account

From those who had no quarrel with us on any other account

And who will alway be our enemies on the same account

There is but one option we have at our expense

Do I need to iterate it, folks? It's independence, it's common sense

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