You're No Ezekiel
You're No Ezekiel  trauma stories

astromemekingyour local schizophrenic dude
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this is about a shitty priest lol

You're No Ezekiel

by astronomer

call yourself a prophet.

lie to yourself and those around you.

it means nothing.

in the end you are a man sharing conspiracy theories with children too young to realize

you haven't read the bible in your life.

nor will you ever. but you preach as if you have and expect us all to listen.

hurting children isn't holy.

lay a hand on a child in need of affection and watch your minuscule respect leave as if it hadn't already.

you're no ezekiel.

and you are


a god.

you are insignificant.

if what you speak is true,

one day all wickedness will be rightfully judged.

and you

will be struck down.

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