you aren't baphomet, are you?
you aren't baphomet, are you? goat stories

astromemeking your local schizophrenic dude
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back at it again with the religious imagery!!

(p.s. it's obvious i talk like this because i have religious trauma but it's okay)

by: astronomer

you aren't baphomet, are you?

by astronomer

your eyes they are turned sideways but they are looking right at me

i hear your hooves clicking, little lucifer don't think you can hide from me

if he could he would grab you by your throat and throw you out of heaven himself but that isn't his job, is it?

when i hear the call i'll be more than ready to drag you down to hell

i won't shed a tear for you but you'll shed plenty

you only cry from your pity your despair you're shameful

you should cry for your own arrogance you should hope for prayers that don't only benefit you

you aren't god, you know you could never aspire to be him

you may hate humanity, you stupid little devil but you're more human than god and all of the other angels combined

when i rip out your wings, you'll be practically the same creature

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