"What's Wrong With Us?"
"What's Wrong With Us?" scary stories

astromemeking your local schizophrenic dude
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"What's Wrong With Us?"

by astronomer

lying on the train tracks, ignoring the possibility of passing trains. they both glance away from the sky to eachother, and grin.

"what's wrong with us?"

they giggle. teenage rebellion is in their veins and they just want something to do because every event in their lives is just one bit too plain.

"we must be crazy or something."

those words mean nothing to them. of course they don't. nothing feels like it has any true meaning until they're alone, and they look at the stars, on the train tracks, in the rain.

"wait. no seriously. wait."

their faces drop along with the raindrops and so do their tears once they realize.

the horn of a train has true meaning to two teenagers lying on the train tracks in the rain. god. god does it have true meaning.

no more growing pains remain when you're two teenagers, together, lying on the train tracks and the train can't abstain from killing two naive kids leaving their blood stains in the rain.

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