sticks and stones may break my bones
sticks and stones may break my bones trans stories

astromemeking your local schizophrenic dude
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this is basically me poetically complaining about bigots as a trans man.

By: astronomer

sticks and stones may break my bones

by astronomer

words pressed into the skin like a dagger.

a steady blade at the neck of those who aren't just like you. pale rough "manly" skin wrinkled with intolerance.

"are you a she, he, it?" it.

it is a pronoun that decapitates the minority in a swift blow, leaving a gasp for air and then nothing.

some can rise from the ashes akin to a phoenix to say "I AM WHO I AM."

but there is no such strength in i.

i lie headless, guillotined by the ignorance and hatred of others who are not indisputably just like them.

i want to mutter "i am a man, even if i don't match your definition. i am who i am." but i am far too weak.

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