some of my favorite song lyrics
some of my favorite song lyrics lyrics stories

astromemeking your local schizophrenic dude
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this is just a bunch of song lyrics that stand out to me in songs for one reason or another

some of my favorite song lyrics

"the Los Ageless hang out by the bar; burn the pages of unwritten memoirs" - Los Ageless, St. Vincent

"all those people in those old photographs i've seen are dead" - The Kids Aren't Alright, Fall Out Boy

"you said you were protected- i thought you meant you had a gun" - Allie, Patrick Stump

"just a beachfront of bad blood and a coast that's unclear" - Impossible Year, Panic! At The Disco

"if you had your gun would you shoot it at the sky? why? to see where your bullet would fall. oh will you come down at all?" - Laura Palmer, Bastille

"you've only these four walls before they, in cold blood, hang you up" - Four Walls (The Ballad of Perry Smith), Bastille

"wipe the pollen from the faces; make revision to a dream while you wait in the van" - Evil, Interpol

"i look into the mirror for evil that just does not exist" - I Was Married, Tegan And Sara

"rise high, cling to the laughters for that moment of broken tragedy" - Lifeline, Imogen Heap

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