Running childhood stories

astromemekingyour local schizophrenic dude
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sometimes i wonder what kids are always running from. (this is more an existential crisis than anything else we can live with that though, right?)


by astronomer

pitter patter - pitter patter

little feet hit the ground at speeds unimaginable to our minds now

now in this future, this future as an adult after you've already reached the age where everything bad in the world starts to make sense

pitter patter - pitter patter

at some point in your childhood you have that moment where you stop your free, safe, never-ending happiness to think one thing:

life isn't as happy as i thought.

and that one thought and all of the feet running of those little children

pitter patter - pitter patter

their sweet, innocent, heads don't think of it as anything but playing. still it makes me wonder

are they running from growing up?

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