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astromemeking your local schizophrenic dude
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this is just me talking about a few of my friends in a semi-poetic way because they're really cool people and it's interesting seeing the similarities and differences of friends and what drew them together

By: astronomer

my friends

by astronomer

i have one that lives close, but not too close. with hair that looks as dandelions once they've died that children pluck from the grass, make a wish, and blow away.

he is in a level of pain i can try to understand but i will never be able to successfully do so, and his constant high is to try to take the pain away. i will never understand, but i try.

he has endless cats because his mother takes in sick cats like she has taken in her sick son.

i have another friend that lives a ways away; further south. he is selfish, and he knows it whilst being just blissfully unaware enough to better himself.

he wants attention, and attention, and attention. he is a leo, and says he is a virgo because he doesn't want to be a leo.

his parents are conservative christians who go to church on sundays, and hate their trans son for existing every single day of the week.

he wants attention, attention, and attention because in life he's gotten none.

we were in a relationship for a semi-long time before we both realized there was no true love involved and we both just mutually wanted attention and broke it off.

we are still just as close as before.

i have yet another friend who lives quite farther away than i, the other side of the country, and he is much older than i, by around 5 years.

he is an adult, with a job, and house of his own, whilst i am but a child who will one day have these things but have none now.

he is dainty, and soft, with a smile like sunshine, and he is discomforted by all around him. life is too much, and he may even be too much for himself.

he makes you worry and then laugh on repeat. i will never know what has kept us together as friends, as we have little to nothing in common, but he is still a joy of a person to be around.

i have a friend that has moved around time and time again and i have no idea where they live now. they are my weak thread connected to my past and my time with the girl i destroyed.

they are blunt, and loud, and a joy to be around. they bark out laughter with a consistent grin on their face.

they have dogs that they send many many videos of and i always watch them from beginning to end because i love seeing them and how happy they make them.

everything about them is blunt, and their justice is swift and harsh like a cut with a knife.

sometimes we will talk and i will get small moments of very gentle, terrified clarity from them where they briefly touch on their childhood and traumatic past.

we bond over mental illness and pain and humor. i could talk to them forever.

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