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astromemeking your local schizophrenic dude
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this is about an ex-girlfriend. i used her name once in this, but i won't say where.

By: astronomer

have loved and lost

by astronomer

her name was a song and all i wanted to do was listen to it on repeat.

she had a smile like sunshine on the darkest day,

and i loved her.

she enjoyed listening to music that was soft and sweet, and i enjoyed listening to her speak.

i had seen every side of her, but could only focus on the best ones.

there is something lovely but so ignorant in blind love.

i thought of her as a melody that could brighten any dreaded day.

that was before i killed her.

a beloved vinyl record falling from the wall and shattering onto the floor at my feet.

i told everyone that heard me speak of her that she had physically died, and the blame was on myself.

i was lying.

you can live without being alive.

the cheery tune turned melancholy.

it was because of me.

ripping every single petal off of a flower, and tossing it to the ground.

i want to say i'm sorry, but it no longer matters.

a mutual friend brought up the lyrics, and i cried.

those lyrics mean nothing positive to me anymore, but i used to love them.

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