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astromemeking your local schizophrenic dude
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i wrote this about my fiancé!
i know the color red represents anger and hatred but it also represents love and passion and i really hated him before i fell in love with him so it just seemed right
By: astronomer

black and white and red all over

by astronomer

viewing a word in black and white, i never knew color

but i never really thought of what i could be missing.

there is nothing wrong with greyscale, i'd tell myself.

greyscale is easier to work with.

there is no mismatching with monochrome.

every person is in black and white,

and they are but television static with words that never really reach me.

this is how i have to live my life, i'd tell myself.

this is how life is.

you came into my life, as a bright, blinding red.

the color hurt my eyes.

i'd never seen in anything but shades of grey.

i hated it.

it felt as if it'd burnt into my eyes.

i'd close my eyelids to sleep, and the red was all i could see.

soon, i started to like the change.

you stood out.

i wanted more color.

i liked the blinding red over the black and white.

i didn't know what i was missing.

i got as close as i could, and then we got closer.

when you're away, everything dulls back out.

i've never missed something like i miss you when you're away.

you bring color to my life.

red is my favorite.

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