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This is the first part of my life story, it's not an autobiography has I've added fictional elements, so its a fiction-based on real life.

The Insane Inside Me

!Please Note! I'm an Australian, and our education system is quite different to the American. Here we have 3 levels of education, primary school (Grades prep-6 or ages 5-12) Highschool,(Grades 7-12 or ages 13-18), please note that some high schools call themselves colleges, such as mine, and University, wich is optional

Chapter 1: First day

It was my first day of High school. As I walked through the front gates of St. Peter's College, I found myself longing that I hadn't wished my primary school years away, after all, I knew everyone there and now I'd thrown myself into the dark unknown.

My school bag was extremely heavy, filled with all my books, binders, and stationery, I'd been carrying this bag for only 10 minutes and I already felt my shoulders collapsing under the weight.

As I walked to the auditorium, I had a proper look at my new school for the first time, I'd had a brief tour on orientation day, but I never really explored it on my own accords. It was without a guide, that I came to realize just how big the campus was.

I knew I was running late, but I continued to walk at a steady pace through the paths, examining every little detail and taking it all in, after all, this is where I would determine my future.

I caught sight of the big yellow and green auditorium and knew I couldn't put off starting my new life any longer. Upon entering the foyer, a lump rose in my throat, just seeing this many other children whose names and faces were unfamiliar made me want to turn around and hot-foot my way home,

I dreaded the moment I would have to speak to them. 'Stella and Udari', I thought to myself, ' They always know how to make me feel better.' This thought urged me to continue into the already packed auditorium. I opened the door from the foyer to the auditorium and was hit by an amount of noise I never thought possible, for a few minutes I stood in the doorway,

scanning the rows of children for my two friends, I felt instantly better when I saw them sitting side by side. My fear was smothered by the reassurance that I wouldn't be alone. My period of relief was short-lasting when I walked closer only to realise that the two seats next to Stella and Udari were filled by two girls, both pale although one had curly,

dark brown hair and wore glasses, the other straight, light brown hair. It made it even worse when I saw that Stella and Udari were in active conversation with these two strangers who I instantly loathed. I knew my hatred for the girls was irrational and undeserved, yet it didn't bring me back down to earth.

After all, a fear of spiders is irrational and lots of people still climb onto a chair screaming at just the thought of arachnids. This thought helped me, I felt it in some way justified my hatred, although deep down I knew it was still wrong and in no way could be justified.

As my planned seat was taken, I headed to the back of the room and sat in a near-empty section where I thought I would be able to sit alone. It was much to my displeasure when a group of loud, arrogant boys came and filled the seats around me.

"This is what you get for dawdling," I thought to myself, a sigh of annoyance slipped through my lips. It was quite obvious that the boys heard me, they just didn't care. I felt that I was right to assume that I would be saved once the assembly started, but alas, I had no such luck.

The boys surrounding me continued to chat and laugh all the way through the acknowledgement to country, throughout the school prayer and the introductory briefing. This annoyed me quite a bit, I was sure that if I didn't escape soon, my short fuse would run out and I would breakdown into a screaming mess, not the first impression I wanted to make.

So I just sat still, and since I wouldn't be able to pay attention, I imagined the boys meeting a gruesome end, still not the best daydreams for a 13-year-old to be having, but it helped. I was relieved that the boys settled down once they started announcing our houses. The first group of names was called, then the second, then the third.

With each house called I got more and more anxious as each house called meant more of a chance that I would be separated from my friends. A wave of relief washed over me when I saw Stella and Udari's names just above mine under the list of Kolbe students. I picked up my heavy bag and toppled over in the process,

but I refused to let that flatten my newly discovered ego which I had attained during the holidays and held my head high and strutted out the auditorium into the foyer, where I got a proper look at my housemates. Much to my horror, not only was one of the girls here but also the group of boys, who's very existence I found irritating.

The first day, and I already felt like I was getting the short end of the stick.

Thank you, this is a work in progress, and I'm already much further ahead in this little project than I was with all my other attempts that I abandoned a short time after I came up with them, I love some feedback on how I can improve things like the story line and structure. Thanks again.

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