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This is part 2 to my new romance A trip through hell for you.

A trip through Hell For you

Part 2 James

Viola had tears running down her cheeks as I held her close to comfort her. “Please don’t leave me,” I heard her beg in a whisper. I stared up to see our emotional parting copied upon the men I was about to go to war with. “If I could stay I would, but as a member of the British Empire it is my duty to defend our freedom” I whispered into her neck.

The train’s whistle yelled out signalling it was time for our final farewells. “Promise me you’ll stay safe.” I heard her plea in between sobs. “I promise I’ll stay as safe as you can be when fighting Nazis” I promised Viola as I was lifting her chin till her eyes met my gaze. As her watering eyes met mine she told me, “ How lucky I am to have someone who makes saying goodbye so hard,”

For a moment I thought I saw a halt in her tears, so I held her gaze and smiled as I parted to board the train. When I lent out the window I saw her tears begin to flow once more as I called out to her, “ Goodbye does not mean forever, nor the end. It simply means I’ll miss you till we meet again.”

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