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First day at a new school!


This series is dedicated to all fans of

Harry Potter

And Merlin

Grandpa slowed down the car as we neared the school gate

To be honest, I was pretty nervous

This was my first time at a new school

In a new town

And I was still depressed about the accident

Which took both of my parents

But well, this was a new beginning, I had to move on

But I was scared, what if somebody found out about my secret?

"Hey buddy, are you nervous?"

Grandpa asked me as he handed me my backpack

"A bit" I replied as I stepped out of the car

I was about to close the door when Grandpa stopped me

"Zenon, try to make some friends okay?"

I nodded before slamming the door

I watched as Grandpa's car sped away

I slowly turned towards the school

Beside the gate there was a sign which read

"Welcome to Mystic Meadows High School"

I slung my backpack over my shoulder and slowly made my way into the school

One of the students was kind enough to show me my class

I walked into the class and scanned for an empty seat

I quickly hurried to an empty seat at the back of the class

Just then a girl entered into the class

She had obsidian shoulder length ruby-red hair

She had beautiful sky-blue eyes

Her clothes although they were a bit baggy and over-sized suited her

She was hurrying to get her seat when somebody put a leg in her way and she tripped

The whole class burst into laughter

"Sorry Olivia, didn't see you there"

A boy yelled out and the whole class burst out laughing again

She seemed embarrassed

She didn't say anything, she just got up and took her seat

I really felt angry

Why were people so rude?

She hadn't done anything wrong

She didn't deserve to be treated like that

I stared at the boy who had tripped Olivia

He was still laughing

I knew I had to be careful not to let anyone find out about my secret

But I had to do this

I stared at the boys chair

And in a low voice, I whispered the words,

"Cathedra descendit ergo cadunt"

The boys chair mysteriously lost balance and he fell backwards

The whole class fell into a fit of laughter

I saw Olivia smile

I chuckled to myself, the bastard deserved it

Just then the teacher entered

"Sorry I'm late" She said this as she placed her bag on the table

She looked around the class until her eyes rested on me

"Looks like we have a new student, can you introduce yourself"

I could feel the whole class staring at me

"Umm..my name is Zenon..."

I looked at Olivia. She was staring at me

"Zenon..what a unique name..welcome to my class, my name is Mrs Flint and I'll be teaching you history"

"Oh it's of greek origin...ummm Thank you" I replied rather shyly

Just then I noticed that there was a small note on my table

I hesitantly picked it up wondering where it had came from

But when I saw what was written, I felt a chill down my spine

I saw what you did with the chair. Meet me in the science lab after school or else I will tell everyone.

If you guys enjoyed this, I will write part two. Thank you for reading!

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