You Are Next
You Are Next  horror stories

astralphoenix It is what it is.
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Just a stupid horror story. Read if you have nothing else to do.

You Are Next

Diane wiped her hands on her apron as she hurried to answer the phone



"Umm.. hello anyone there?" Diane asked again

She could hear someone breathing on the other end

Just as she was about to hang up

The person spoke in a raspy and chilling voice


And then the person hung up

Was this a prank?

Diane wondered as she hurried back to the kitchen

It was only a week after her son Jack was found dead

And now this.

She wondered if the person who had called her was her son's murderer

But she quickly dismissed the thought

It was probably someone prank calling her

Taking advantage of the fact that she had recently lost a son

When her husband came back from work

She told him about the call but he told her it was probably a prank call

The following day was a Saturday

Since Diane's husband Daniel, wasn't going to work

He told Diane that he was going to make breakfast

Diane was amazed when Daniel brought a tray with pancakes and orange juice

She was halfway through her breakfast when her tummy started hurting

She tried to get up but fell onto the floor

"Daniel!" she shouted

She was surprised when Daniel walked into the room with a devilish smile on his face

"Didn't I warn you... you're next!"

Daniel said this as he mercilessly stared at her

"It was you.." was the last thing that Diane said before she died.

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