Why does it have to be like this?
Why does it have to be like this? why stories

astralphoenix I probably won't be online much.
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Why? Why? Why?

Why does it have to be like this?

This message is brought to you by Hermes.

Just a couple of questions that I usually wonder the answers to.

Why do others have to born filthy rich,

while others are so poor?

Why can't all the rich people in the world,

just share their wealth with the all the poor people?

Why does a boy pretend to like a girl during the first days,

but break her heart in the end?

Why do boys like girls for what they see on the outside,

rather than for what they are inside?

Why do thousands of people die from hunger and starvation everyday,

while other people throw food away without touching it?

Why do others have to die so early,

while others live up to a century?

Why do girls fall for the rich bad boys,

while the poor ones are ignored?

Why do people quickly judge,

before they really get to know a person?

Why can't all people love one another equally,

despite any differences?

Why is it that the people we trust the most,

are the one that betray us behind our backs?

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