This Feels Wrong Part 5
This Feels Wrong Part 5 romance stories

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The last part of This Feels Wrong. Sorry for taking long to post this.

This Feels Wrong Part 5

For better understanding of this part, I advise you to read part 1-4. If you have not yet read part 1-4, the links are in the comments section.

The following day I went to Dean's house to apologize

To my utter surprise he was with Megan!

And they seemed to be having a pretty good time!

I was happy they had sorted things out between themselves

Megan apologized for using me to make Dean jealous

And Dean accepted my apology for umm...hanging out with his girlfriend

I was sooo relieved

Things were now getting back to normal

I had only one more thing that I had to fix..


I knew she liked me but well she was kind of not my type

But I really felt bad for hurting her feelings

So I went to her house

It was not far from where Dean lived so I walked

I knocked on the door and after couple of seconds, Ava's mom opened the door

She told me that Ava was watering the flowers outside and would be joining me shortly

She told me that I could wait for her in her room

She showed me Ava's room and I sat on a chair which was in the corner of the room

Her room looked really nice

The front wall was covered with pictures

When I took a closer look, my heart almost stopped beating!

All the pictures which were on the wall,

All the pictures which were on the wall, were of me!

Just then Ava entered into the room

"Hey Max, I'm happy you're here..I've been waiting for this opportunity for a long time!"

She said this as she she locked the door and started moving towards me

"Ava, what is this?"

I asked trying to hide the panic in my voice

"Max, I've always liked you but you have never given me a chance"

I was shocked.

This was going too far. She was obsessed with me!

I had to do something!

"If you move one more step towards me, I'm going to call your mom!"

I threatened her.

The evil-ish smile on her face widened

"She went out to the grocery store, so its just THE -TWO-OF-US"

The way she said it was just creepy

"Ava please listen, I want you as a friend..."

She stopped me amid sentence.

"I know...I know...that's why I'm going to force you.."

She said this as she maliciously moved towards me

I know I had always wanted girls to like me but this was too much

There was only one thing left to do

I screamed at the top of my lungs!

Thank you for reading the last part of This Feels Wrong!

Whatever happened to a mystery.

If you want to binge read the first four parts of this series, links are in the comments section. Thank you!

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