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Part 3 is out!

This Feels Wrong Part 3

After the lessons were over,

Dean packed his books into his bag

"I have to go bro, I'll see you later"

Dean said this to me as he gently patted me on my back

I really envied Dean's muscular and athletic body

I think that's why a lot of girls liked him

A couple of girls once fought for him!

And the only time girls fought for me was....

When I was dreaming

I wasn't even fit to be his friend

Considering I was pretty skinny

And geeky

He went to Megan who was sitting at her usual place at the back of the class

I eavesdropped on their conversation

I couldn't hear much but I heard Dean asking Megan if she was free to hang out on the weekend

And Megan told him that she was going to be busy


I looked up from the book I was pretending to read

It was Ava.

Ava was a geek just like me

She liked reading, writing and she was also fluent in quite a lot of languages

But well, people didn't really notice her

We were not exactly friends but we talked sometimes

"Oh..hie Ava"

"Ummm...I was wondering if you were free this weekend?"

I pretended to think

I was obviously free. I never had anything to do other than reading and maybe playing video games but rarely

"Well, I bought tickets for..umm..a movie...would you like to go with me?"

I didn't want to go but I had to be nice

I tried to put on a smile

"Sure, no problem"

She looked pretty excited

"Okay brother is passing by the Cinema on his way to a football game, so we'll pass by your house and collect you"

"Sure, no problem"

"See you tomorrow!" Ava said this as she excitedly packed her books into her bag

Was this a date? I wondered.

Just then Megan came and sat next to me

We were the only ones left in class

She leaned over to kiss me

I pushed her away

"What's wrong?"

"I thought you liked it the first time" She said this as she stared at me

"Well...I liked it felt...wrong"

I told her as I got up and packed my books

"Dean is my best friend and I can't risk losing him, I'm sorry"

I told her as I tossed my algebra textbook into my bag

"I'm sorry but...I can't do this anymore" I told her as I tossed the last book into my bag

She looked really pretty

A part of me was regretting..I felt like I was wasting a one in a million opportunity

But I brushed away the thoughts


I was about to leave when she called me

"Well, before you leave, check this out"

She said this as she tossed me her phone

There was a video, I hesitantly pressed play

My heart sunk as I watched the video

It was a video of me kissing Megan

"My friend Chloe recorded the whole thing"

She told me as she grabbed the phone from my hands

She got up, packed her books and was about to leave when she turned to me

"Come to my house tomorrow and get me so we can hang out"

"But I'm already hanging out with Ava"

I complained

"I don't care..if you don't come...I'll make sure Dean gets the video"

She said this as she left

I couldn't move, I was shocked

I had just been blackmailed!

Hope you enjoyed it!

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